Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Bright Side of the World Economic Crisis

For two weeks I have not updated this blog because I was following the news on the economic crisis. I do believe that this crisis is an opportunity to the US grow stronger.

As I already told some friends, it will be very good if the price of oil stabilize in something like US$ 45.00 or US$ 40.00. If so, it'll jeopardize Venezuela's and Iran's military programs and, like a bonus, will jeopardize also Russia's expansionist ambitions, once Russia has two majors income sources: oil and weapons which have been heavily sold to Venezuela and Iran.

It is already known by some sources that Iran's president, Ahmadinejad, is already facing a growing discontentment not only from the supreme leader and the assembly of experts, but also from the people, the electorate.

In Venezuela, the opposition will grow stronger once Chavez will not have any longer the easy money to spend on weapons to please the armed forces and on social programs which do not help to improve, afterall, the quality of life of the people. Just like the social program runned by the Brazilian government, which is just a give away of a monthly small amount of money; it's not enough to break the poverty circle, but enough to help to get votes from the miserable people.

It's true that everybody will be affected or heart in some level by the economic crisis, but if the lessons of this crisis are learned and the opportunity is used, the free world will emerge stronger than ever. Let's hope that that happens. We shall never forget that Chinese ideogram for crisis is the same one for opportunity. You just need to read it backwards.

Most of the people now are looking for the damages and the dark side of this crisis. We should look for the benefits and opportunities that come along.

Ary Dib Dias

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