Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas

Today is Christmas' Eve and I post in my blog these two songs in honor to all the soldiers and sailors that are in harm's way defending freedom, but most of all doing their duty.

The responsibility of their mission is only of their commanders and politicians who put them in harm's way. The soldiers have only the burden to die, to do their duty and to be far away from their loved ones. More than 4.200 brave and young soldiers, men and women, already gave their lives doing their duty.

Last year, we had one more genocide in Africa, and once again we play dead.

So, let's hope that 2009 it's going to be different, let's pray for peace, freedom and happines all over the world.

That Cuba step forward and release all the political prisioners they have today. Not because America do any concession, but because it's right.

Let's hope Hamas wake up and try to really make peace with the Israelis. And also let's hope more moderate Israelis come to power and really seek for peace with the Palestinians.

Let's hope that Hezbollah give up the guns and integrate itself in the political process in Lebanon bringing peace.

Let's hope that Iran give up the nuclear ambition and deepen the democratization of their society.

Let's hope that Latin America give up the temptation of dictatorship - Venezuela, Equador, Bolivia and even Brazil - and step forward to democracy and, more important, real freedom of speech.

Let's hope the rulers of every country in the world can see the poor and common people as a human being like themselves and try to make all the efforts to improve the social conditions and the dignity of their people, respecting other countries, the environment and the human rights.

So, let's hope that 2009 instead of being an year to be forgotten, become, even being an year of crisis, an year to be remembered as an year of freedom, liberty, democracy and peace for all.

Ary Dib Dias

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