Friday, June 5, 2009

AF447 Air France flight debris and oil after all were only polution

In the beginning of WWII the British Navy discovered that garbage sometimes has a tricky way to misled. So, several times they bombarded garbage believing it was a German submarine.

In the same way, in the rush to show results the Brazilian Air Force declared they did find debris and oil from the Air France AF447 flight. But, in the reality, it was just garbage, pollution, a proof of how badly we treat our oceans.

Although the authorities deny it, we are once again with nothing in our hands, only speculations. Worst, in 20, 25 days the Black Box will run out of batteries and without it, we'll never know what really happened.

Theories, we already have thousands. Every single one for everybody. From terrorist attack to anything you'll dare to imagine.

The truth is without hard evidence we're going to be unable to say what really happened.

And it's beginning to be uncomfortable the tendency of some Brazilian politicians to try to have some political benefits from this tragedy. In the other hand, it has been really admirable the conduct of Rio de Janeiro's mayor, Eduardo Paes, who lost his chief-of-staff in this flight, and showed how deeply sorry he is with the lost of his friend and didn't take any political advantage from this tragedy with his sober and respectful silence.

I finish this post leaving one open question: a Faraday Cage can be fried until it melts?

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