Monday, June 8, 2009

Air France Flight AF 447 (06.08.09 - Morning)

The Br Navy announced they found more two remains. With it, there were found 19 remains, four males, four females and eleven unknown. The Br Navy and Air Force spokesman will do the public announcement at 1100hs(BST).

Update: The public announcement was held at 1119hs (BST). But instead of increase, was a decrease of the number of remains. There wasn't found any new remains. As mater of fact the number of confirm remains found is 16. The military command decided also to not disclose the gender.

The Br Navy Grajau will return to base and the Br Navy Oceanic Patrol ship Guaiba will replace the Grajau.

Among small debris have been also found large parts from the structure of the airplane. Including what seems to be the vertical stabilizer.

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