Sunday, June 14, 2009

Air France Flight AF 447 (06.14.09 - Night)

Today, Jun 14th, at circa 11h45 pm (BST), will mark two weeks of the accident with the Airbus 330 Air France flight AF 447, which claimed more than 220 lives. The causes of the destruction of the airplane remain unknown.

With the forensic examination of the remains found (49 up to now) some theories already faded away. More notably the one which said that the airplane exploded and also the one which said that the airplane desintegrated in the air.

So far, we only know that something caused a major electrical failure. With the electrical system shutting down, it became more and more difficult to manualy fly a fly-by-wire airplane. And from the beginning to the end, it took circa of four minutes for the plane to crash in the water.

This week we may know also if when the airplane hit the water, everybody on bord was already dead.

Some debris had been found, but the Black Box has not been found. We're going to have more two weeks to find it before the batteries run out.

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