Monday, June 15, 2009

CQ Homeland Security 06.15

Guantanamo Bay Watch: Five months before being found dead at Guantanamo, a detainee volunteered to represent prisoners in talks with their jailers but wound up in the prison’s psych ward, The Associated PressAndrew O. Selsky spotlights. For the four Chinese Muslims relocated to Bermuda last week, their new surroundings “are a far cry from the place they have known as home for the last eight years,” The Bermuda Sun’s James Whittaker updates — while The Washington Post’s Peter Finn has three other Gitmo detainees being repatriated to Saudi Arabia on Friday, and AP’s Devlin Barrett and Matthew Lee see the Obama administration wielding these recent transfers to regain momentum for its bid to close the prison camp. The Boston Globe’s Drake Bennett, meantime, explores potential futures for the Guantanamo Bay base itself.
John Bicknell, CQ Homeland Security Editor
Angela Kim, Behind the Lines Editor

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