Friday, June 12, 2009

Minnesota lawyer helps Iraqis establish rule of law

By Army Pfc. J.P. Lawrence
Multinational Division South

CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE BASRA, Iraq, (6/12/09) -- Thousands of years ago, the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers was the site where Hammurabi created one of the first written codes of law in recorded history, making plain the laws of the land to the people of the land.

Army Capt. David Peterson of the 34th Infantry Division of the Minnesota Army National Guard is helping to restore the rule of law in Iraq.

In a recent meeting at the staff judge advocate office in Talil, Iraq, Peterson discussed law and the differences and similarities between Western and Iraqi legal thought with a Romanian judge advocate and a group of Iraqi attorneys.

For Peterson, rule of law chief for the "Red Bull" division, it was another day advising Iraqi officials on rule of law: the belief that everyone is accountable to a consistent and predictable handling of the law, regardless of their rank or creed.(Continue - Link)

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