Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summary of News about the Flight AF447 from Air France for 02, jun

In this day that is just ending, 02 Jun, we had several developments related to the crash of the AF 447 Air France flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

In the beginning of the morning (circa 01:00h BRT), the BR Air Force found some debris at the sea through electronic search. In the first hours of the morning, they were able to confirm the debris and oil at the sea.

In the morning, also, the Brazilian Navy Command decided to deploy two more ships to the area. Nevertheless, the ships will only arrive late tomorrow, 03 Jun, circa 18:00hs.

In the evening, the Brazilian minister of Defense, Nelson Jobim, told the press that he was sure the debris belong to the Air France plane, due to the quantity of debris and how they are spread at the sea.

In the non-sense-side of the news, the Brazilian president, Luis Inácio Lula da Silva, said that if we can find oil in the bottom of the sea, we can easily find the Black Box! But the reality is that the depth in that region can reach more than 3.000 meters and find the Black Box in a very large area of the sea and with that deepness it's almost impossible.

It will be much more important now if not only the Brazilian Navy, but the Navies of France, Spain and US deploy submarines to the area to try to pinpoint the exact location of the Black Box. The sooner, the better because the Black Box has a system to signal where it is, but the batteries usually run out in 20 days.

About the causes of the crash, the speculations grow. The only clue is the fact that the airplane had an electrical failure and lost cabin pressure. We have a theory, but we're unable yet to post it. Maybe, tomorrow.

Ary Dib Dias

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