Sunday, November 21, 2010

Policial State

The dream of some American politicians became true in Brazil.

Today, 08.21.08, the Brazilian government decided to unifies the data base from Brazilian Information Agency (used basically to spy Brazilians citizens), Military Intelligence agencies (used almost for the same reasons, but in the Military), Central Bank data base, IRS, Brazilian Federal Police Intel. Agency, Assents Recuperation and Juridical International Cooperation Department, Financial Actives Control Agency (control every financial trasation over US$ 5,000.00); all under the control of Brazilian Information Agency.

Since 2002 there isn´t anymore in Brazil any kind of banking privacy, in the same way, if you are called to splain our privacy life you are gilt until you are able to prove your innocence.

And the Brazilian Court granted already more than 10,000 permition of wiretapping in the last 5 years, some of then without any previous proves, just "fishing". Last week the Brazilian Supreme Court decides that the Federal Police must be have more caution in the use of ...algemas... , and the Federal Police replies that is a no can do situation, opening a crise with even one Supreme threatening to beat other one, all without any cover from the press, witch is more interest in the Olympic Games.

So technically I do believe we are already living in a Policial State. 8/21/08

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