Monday, June 8, 2009

Air France Flight AF 447 (06.08.09 - Night)

Today, the Brazilian authorities had to make several adjustments in order to avoid more miscommunication. From now on, the Brazilian Navy will:
  • only account any new recovered remain when it is already under Brazilian custody.
  • not try anymore to determine the gender, leaving this job to the forensic authority.
  • not try to identify any object, debris or piece of the airplane as recovering, leaving this job to the French authority.
Along the day, were found eight more remains by the frigate Bosisio, increasing to 26 the number of remains already found.

At the same time, the French Navy (Fr Navy) already sent a submarine, the S604 Émeraude (Emerald). The US Navy is sending equipment to help the search (take a look on previous post). It's also informed, but not confirmed, that an American submarine was also deployed to help the search. There's no information about the identification of the vessel.

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