Monday, June 8, 2009

What Happened to the Flight Air France AF 447 ? Some thoughts.

Until now we had several theories about what happened with the doomed airplane.

One thing is clear: a massive electrical failure is almost certain to be the origin of everything else. But this fact have been almost impossible to be accepted due a two major reasons: the first is that the air plane had actually three electrical grids and two batteries systems one independent of another to be fail safe. And the second is that only a major short circuit or a great input of energy could damage the redundant electrical system and wasn't anyway that could happen to an airplane. Couldn't?

Faraday Cage

One of the reasons that an airplane cannot have a major input of energy is because the principles of the Faraday Cage. As matter of fact the "cage" does not work in the case of high frequency or fast changing electric fields. It is also said you can melt it.


The only source of energy at the scene of the accident was lightning and there is no way a lighting can do the electrical failure because the Faraday Cage.

But we are sure about only the three "normal" types of lightning.

So, I ask if the airplane, which was in CB (cumulonimbus), "hit" or was "hit" by a Blue Jet or even in the birthing a Sprite, two types of upper atmospheric lightning. We just don´t know where in the cloud they are born, as a matter of fact, we didn't know they exist prior 1989. And if the Air Plane is close enough to generate an electromagnetic pulse, it can trigger a series of electrical failures and commands destroying the capability to control the airplane. It happened before with an Atmospheric Balloon.

Then we have an explanation about what happened with the Air France AF447, what trigger the electric failure and the destruction the airplane. Anyway we need to find the Black Box in order to be sure and really know what happened.
By Ary S Dib Dias F

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Colin said...

Pitot tube malfunction caused the rudder to freeze in an extreme turn position, ripping off the tail fin. The tail-less aircraft lost cabin pressure immediately, deploying the oxygen masks as the doomed plane plunged like a stone, shattering on impact. The tail fin is actually a long way away from the rest of the aircraft.

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