Friday, August 21, 2009

Targeted Immigration Provisions Hitch Ride on Spending Bill

Aug. 21, 2009 – 1:53 p.m.

Although a comprehensive immigration overhaul appears to be too much for Congress to contemplate this year, some targeted proposals still may advance when lawmakers return to work in September.

Several immigrant visa programs, as well as a worker eligibility verification tool, are set to expire at the end of the current fiscal year on Sept. 30, and efforts to renew them are well under way.

For instance, a Senate amendment to the Homeland Security appropriations bill would make permanent an immigrant visa category that offers green cards, or permanent resident status, to wealthy investors who do business in the United States and hire American workers.

The provision calls for a permanent reauthorization of the Regional Center Pilot Program, which distributes up to 3,000 visas annually to foreigners willing to invest at least $1 million in a new or existing business and create at least 10 jobs for U.S. citizens. In exchange, they receive an EB-5 immigrant visa, which allows them permanent residency and a path to citizenship.

Also set to expire is E-Verify, the government’s Internet-based worker eligibility verification program that was reauthorized through six-month patches within stopgap spending bills. The latest patch expires Sept. 30.

The Senate’s Homeland Security spending bill also was amended with a provision to make the E-Verify program permanent and require its use by all government contractors — reflecting a Bush administration rule that the Obama administration has delayed implementing until Sept. 8.

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Brittanicus said...

Even though the Democrats have stated that illegal immigrants, will not have access to Americans health care, it can easily be compromised by fraudulent use of stolen ID. BUT WE ALL SEEM TO FORGET, THAT IF THE DEMOCRATS PASS A PATH TO CITIZENSHIP--OR BLANKET AMNESTY. AS NEW CITIZENS ALONG WITH THEIR FAMILIES AND AN OUTER CIRCLE OF FAMILY MEMBERS THEY CAN SPONSOR. THEY WILL BE ABLE TO CONVENIENTLY ACCESS--HEALTH CARE--WITH NO RESTRAINTS? Everybody must be carefully vetted for inconsistencies and the progressively upgraded E-Verify. Even without stealing into the reformed health care system, by federal law the taxpayers must support illegal immigrants for emergency medical services. Although foreign nationals use this mandatory law, as an excuse for any kind of minor injury or illness.

The travesty that drives the faltering health care system is of course money. Everyday our televisions are monotonously inundated with adverts about new drugs and medicine. Personally I'm sick of the continuous kaleidescope of ads, trying to program our brains to buy another boring antihistamine? We should also question the majority of Republicans, why there are rumors of a dark conspiracy? Could it be that that these people have a cemented interest in killing any type of reform? How many of these politicians have secret stocks in multi-bed hospitals, greedy profiteering insurance firms or the pharmaceutical industry. THE QUESTION THAT MUST BE ASKED IS, WHO HAS VOTED AGAINST A PUBLIC OPTION? WHICH POLITICIANS HAVE A FINANCIAL STAKE IN KILLING ANY REFORM? IS THERE INFORMATION THAT ANSWERS THESE QUESTIONS? My health care experience was mainly in England and Australia and prior to the mass immigration invasion was positively first class.

Of course the status quo doesn't want any change in the trillion dollar medical complex, because it could strictly confine a multitude of new common sense laws? Sadly, I have listened to lies sprouting from the special interest lobby over the airwaves for weeks. Trouble is, a majority of the American people believe this tripe that we are constantly bombarded with?

We are still conveying many entitlement programs to illegal aliens and their families, with extorted taxes.We have always been the recipients of business welfare and likely always will be, because the pariah businesses that hire illegals, never pay anything to their support. GET RAW ANSWERS AT NUMBERSUSA Tell those in WASHINGTON no more AMNESTIES. USE ATTRITION TO DEPORT THEM THROUGH E-VERIFY, 287 G, NO MATCH SOCIAL SECURITY LETTERS AND LIGHTENING ICE RAIDS. CONTACT YOUR POLITICIAN 202-224-3121 AND DEMAND NO WEAKENING OF CURRENT LAWS?

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