Thursday, July 2, 2009

Official Report - Preliminary Conclusions on the AF447 Accident

Based on the initial evidence collected during the investigation, the following facts were established:

  • the crew had the licenses and qualifications for the flight,
  • the aircraft certificate of airworthiness in a state of validity, it was maintained in accordance with the regulations,
  • the aircraft had departed from Rio de Janeiro without technical problems experienced, except in one of the three panels of radio management,
  • no problems were reported by the crew at Air France or in its contacts with the Brazilian controllers,
  • no distress message was received by the control centers or other aircraft,
  • there was no satellite telephone communications between aircraft and ground
  • the last radio contact between the crew and the control of Brazil took place in 1 h 35 min 15. The aircraft arrived at the edge of the range radar control centers in Brazil,
  • 01 to 2 pm, the crew tried unsuccessfully for the third time, to connect to ADS-C control Dakar
  • until the last point of the auto position, received 2 h 10 min 34, the flight took place on the planned route in the flight plan,
  • the weather was consistent with that commonly found in June in the intertropical convergence zone,
  • there was a powerful cluster of cumulonimbus clouds on the road to the AF 447. Some of them could be home to a strong turbulence,
  • several aircraft that have evolved before and after the flight AF 447, substantially at the same altitude, have altered their course to avoid cloud masses,
  • twenty-four messages for automatic maintenance were received between 2 and 10 h 2 h 15 via ACARS. It appears from these messages inconsistency of measured speeds and the associated consequences,
  • 2 h before 10, no maintenance message was received from the flight AF 447, with the exception of two messages on the configuration of toilets,
  • procedures of the operator and the manufacturer to specify the actions performed by the crew in doubt indications of speed,
  • The last message was received ACARS to 2 h 14 min 28,
  • there was no transfer between the flight control centers of Brazil and Senegal,
  • between 8 am and 8 pm 30, the first messages trigger alert has been issued by the control centers of Madrid and Brest,
  • body and the first elements of the aircraft were found June 6,
  • elements identified from all areas of the aircraft,
  • Visual examination shows that the aircraft was not destroyed in flight, it seems to have struck the water line of flight, with a strong vertical acceleration.

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Unknown said...

Tail of Airbus A330 made out of composite material like plastic. It is not durable as aluminum, simple crack may cause it to broke off in harsh turbulence. It happen once before in New York. Air France try to hide it now, they occupy all families of victims with their lawyers ( ), families will get close to nothing, but main think no investigation will be made other then Air France ones. It's sad that other people now in great danger of flying those airplanes from Airbus. Airbus French based company, probably owned by same people as Air France. Euros rules, isn't they? How many more people have to die?

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