Friday, July 4, 2008

Army-Navy Game

This is from a mom on the USNA net as she relayed from her son.

A few of us Plebes in 12th Company made the sign from twelve blue magnets (blankets). Then, 7 of the Second Class went to
West Point a few times before to Recon. Four Second Class went up to West Point on Parents Weekend for the parade, slept on the roof of their dining hall the night before, and finally unfurled the sign during their Formal Parade.

Although they were caught, and interrogated by a Sergeant Major (E-9 in the Army), they never broke and when
West Point learned that the Recon had been approved by Colonel Allen (Commandant, USNA), they released them.
So...Three hours after being captured, they returned to the
Naval Academy and were personally recognized by Captain Parker (Deputy 'Dant) for Recon Excellence.

Go Navy! Beat Army!

The 2008 game will be played on December 6 and the 2009 contest will be held on December 5, with both games being played at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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