Thursday, July 31, 2008


An old man lived alone in Minnesota. One day he wanted to plow the land to grow flowers, but it was very hard work for someone with his age. And his only son, who gladly helped him, was in jail.

So the old man wrote a letter for his son:

" Dear son,

I´m very sad, because I can´t grow my garden this year. I´m sad to be old and not be able to do it alone because this is the time to seed the land and your mother loved so much the flowers. If you were here you could helped me, but you can´t once you are in jail.

With Love, your dad."

Sometime later the father recived a telegram from his son:

"BY GOD, father don´t touch the garden!! It was there I hiden the dead bodys"

As all the mail was monitored in jail, at 4 a.m. next day, a dozen of FBI agents and cops appeared, digged all the garden without finding no dead body.

Confused, the old man wrote about it in a letter to the son. This was the answer:

"Now you can seed the flowers, dad. This is the best I can do now."

Strategy is everything!!!

There's nothing like a good strategy to obtain things that seem impossible.

So, it's important to rethink about little things, once many times WE put obstacles in our lifes.

"To have problems in life is inevitable, to be defeated by them is up to you".

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