Monday, December 19, 2011

New DoD Patient Safety Guide Draws Roadmap for Patient Activation

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A newly released Patient Activation Reference Guide from the Department of Defense Patient Safety Program supports an agency-wide effort to foster an environment where patients are engaged participants in their health care. The guide provides a roadmap for moving patients toward full involvement and assistance of the health care team. The five module guide provides insight, background and resources that apply to all team members who care for patients and their families, including clinical and administrative staff, as well as the patient/family units themselves.

Activated patients have the information, skills and confidence to effectively make decisions about their health care. Research shows that patients who are engaged in their own care have better health outcomes, improving the quality of health care for both individuals and the entire system. Patients Safety Program leaders say that having an active patient population is critical as the Military Health System works toward high quality, cost-effective health care.

The Patient Activation Reference Guide is available on the Patient Safety Program website.

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